The Daredevil


Nurul Farhani (a.k.a Hani)




3 Merah Student

First Appearance

Season 2, Episode 4: New Kids on The Block

Last Appearance

Season 3, Episode 12 : Hari Raya

Played by


Hani is a new student from Shah Alam in Season 2 besides Azlan. She is a clever, bubbly and positive-thinking student. In Season 3, she is studying in a school at Singapore but was seen again in Episode 12: Hari Raya when Jibam and Zack are seeking for help.


Hani is a clever student and is confident in English. She has a bubbly, positive and gutsy personality - and she will stand up for what she believes is right. Unfortunately, she can be over-enthusiastic at times. She has a crush on Jibam and thinks he is cute when he does K-Pop style. She can always be counted on to help a friend in need. She dreams to be the ambassador of intergalactical relationships.

Fun FactEdit

  • In Season 3, she is no longer a student in SMK Ayer Dalam, but she still appears in some episodes.
  • She shares the same personality as Anusha.
  • Her favorite chocolate is Nestlé Crunch Wafer.
  • She is a black belt student in karate. This is why she can easily defeat Azlan in Season 2, Episode 4.

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